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#074 - Sue Falsone

#074 - Sue Falsone

September 20, 2019

Owner/ Founder of Structure and Function Education Owner, Falsone Consulting Associate Professor, Athletic Training Programs, Arizona School of Health.

Sciences, A.T. Still University Author, Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance Nike Performance Council Member Previous Head of Athletic Training and Sports Performance, US Soccer 

Men’s National Team Previous Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist for the Los Angeles 

Dodges Previous Vice President of Performance Physical Therapy and Team 

Sports at Athletes’ Performance (now EXOS) Treasurer, Sports Special Interest Group, American Academy of Orthopedic 

Manual Physical Therapists Current consultant to professional athletes and professional sport 

organizations Master of Science in Human Movement with a concentration in Sports 

Medicine from UNC-Chapel Hill Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Daemen College Board Certified Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy through the APTA Certified Athletic Trainer through the NATBOC Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA Certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist in the Spine through the 

IAOM-US Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, 200- Hour teacher training


Show Notes:

Website: suefalsone.com

Website: structureandfunction.net

Facebook: Sue Falsone

Twitter: @suefalsone

Instagram: suefalsone

Books Mentioned:


Biology of Belief

Make it Stick

Sue’s Book Recommendations

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Deep Medicine 

Podcasts Mentioned:
Leave Your Mark #18 - She Broke the Glass Ceiling and Thrived with Sue Falsone

Ready State Podcast: S2EP5: Sue Falsone


Video’s Mentioned:

Robert Sapolsky - Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology (Full Course on YouTube)

The biology of our best and worst selves | Robert Sapolsky


Movies Mentioned:

42 (film)

People and Resources mentioned:

Mike Boyle


Mark Verstegen

Brandon Marcello 

LA Dodgers 


Gary Winkler

Vern Gambetta

Al Vermeil

Dick Vermeil

Derek Evely

Denis Logan

Nicole Rodriguez  

Darryl Eto

Luke Richesson

Nick Winkelman 

Laree Draper

Leon Chaitow

Judith DeLany

Phil Sizer

Functional Movement Screen 

Bruce Lipton

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Jacque Fresco

Shawn Myszka

Shirley Sahrmann

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Postural Restoration Institute

Functional Anatomy Seminars – Andreo Spina


Richard Branson

Jackie Robinson

Barack Obama 



0:00 – 3:37 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Sue to share her background

3:38 – 7:44 - Robbie asks Sue about her love for wine

7:45 – 13:17 - Robbie asks Sue about her decision to leave EXOS and the LA Dodgers 

13:18 – 18:14 - Robbie asks Sue what was Mark Verstegen’s reaction to her leaving EXOS

18:15 – 24:55 - Robbie asks Sue about why she decided to write her book “Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance”

24:56 – 34:09 - Robbie asks Sue about the Organizational System/ Framework that she developed with Phil Sizer

34:10 – 50:57 - Robbie asks Sue to discuss the concept of the pain generator and why treating the site of pain to provide relief is ok, while you also treat the root cause of pain

50:58 – 54:23 - Robbie asks Sue for her top and current book recommendations?

54:24 – 56:43 - Robbie asks Sue how she learns?

56:44 – 1:02:05 - Robbie asks Sue, if she could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would she invite and why?

1:02:06 – 1:03:40 - Robbie asks Sue where people can find out more about her and her work?

1:03:40 – 1:04:02 - Robbie wraps up the show!

#073 - Mike Robertson

#073 - Mike Robertson

September 13, 2019

Mike Robertson is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. IFAST has been named one of the Top 10 Gyms in America by Men’s Health magazine numerous times, as was also a fitness award winner by Women’s Health Magazine.

Over his 20-year coaching career, Mike has worked with athletes from every major professional sport including all-stars in both the NBA and MLS. He also serves as a writer, speaker, consultant and educator across the fitness industry.


Show Notes:

Website: robertsontrainingsystems.com

Website: ifastuniversity.com

Facebook: Mike Robertson

Instagram: robtrainsystems

Books Mentioned:

Wooden on Leadership

Mike’s Book Recommendations

Podcasts Mentioned:

Physical Preparation Podcast #188: Dr. Ramsey Nijem on developing young NBA talent

Physical Preparation Podcast #189: Chris Chase on the evolution of strength and conditioning in basketball 

Physical Preparation Podcast #191: Daniel Bove on variability, load management, and winning in the NBA 

Leave Your Mark Podcast #83 - Throwing Heat in Life with Eric Cressey

People and Resources mentioned:

All of Mike’s educational products

Mike Boyle

Eric Cressey

John Wooden

Physical Preparation 101

Complete Coach Certification

Dan John


Ramsey Nijem

Chris Chase

Daniel Bove

Joey Burton

Al Vermeil

Chad Marshall

Yosef Johnson

Jeff Moyer

Shawn Myszka

Keir Wenham-Flatt

Charlie Francis

Bill Hartman

Loren Landow

Frans Bosch

Tom Tomberson


Lee Taft

Dan Pfaff

Lance Goyke

Tony Giuliano

Ty Terrel

Connor Ryan

Alwyn Cosgrove 

Paul Chek

James Clear 

Joe Kenn


0:00 – 9:00 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Mike about program design mistakes

9:01 – 11:02 - Robbie ask Mike for his definitions of program design and periodization

11:03 – 13:54 - Robbie asks Mike about programming for an athlete who needs to spend more time practicing their sport

13:55 – 19:59 - Robbie asks Mike about phase potentiation within his programming when he has a short timeframe with an athlete

20:00 – 32:09 - Robbie asks Mike about training transfer

32:10 – 38:22 - Robbie asks Mike about running and owning a business 

38:23 – 48:17 - Robbie asks Mike to share his advice on internships, hiring staff, and his biggest business lessons 

48:18 – 56:27 – Robbie asks Mike about family and work-life balance

56:28 – 59:19 - Robbie asks Mike about what strategies he uses to enhance his ability to be more present

59:20 – 1:01:54 - Robbie asks Mike about where people can find out more about him?

1:01:55 – 1:02:18 - Robbie wraps up the show!

#072 - Fitness Program Design - Carl Hardwick

#072 - Fitness Program Design - Carl Hardwick

September 6, 2019


OPEX COO Carl Hardwick has dedicated his life to health and fitness. Already as a teenager, Hardwick lived at the gym. A 3-time All-Conference football player at Saint Mary’s University, Hardwick became passionate about becoming the most effective coach. This led the former U.S. Army veteran to buddy up with world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin to complete the PICP and then to complete his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). While running the Army fitness program for his Battalion and a stint in Afghanistan, Hardwick was introduced to OPEX Founder James FitzGerald. Sold by the OPEX individual program design approach, Carl went on to open multiple OPEX-licensed gyms before accepting his position as COO. Today, Hardwick is an integral part of the growing OPEX engine that is using the Coach Certificate Program (CCP) to change the face of fitness by professionalizing the fitness coach.

Show Notes:

Websites and Social Media Links:

Website – OPEXfit.com 

Website – OPEXgyms.com

Website – TheBigdawgs.com

Facebook – OPEX Fitness

Twitter - @OPEXFitness

Instagram - opexfitness

YouTube – OPEX Fitness

Books Mentioned:

Scientific Principles of Strength Training

Rock, Iron, Steel: The Book of Strength 

Podcasts Mentioned:

OPEX Podcast #Ep 49 - Jim Crowell & Carl Hardwick 


People and Resources mentioned:

Charles Poliquin

OPEX Principles of Program Design Course

OPEX Mixed Model Course

OPEX Programming Strength Course

OPEX CCP Level 1

James Fitzgerald 

Mat Fraser

Dan John 

Steve Justa

Paul Anderson 

Kevin Don

Keegan Martin

Eric Helms

Chad Wesley Smith

Mike Israetel

James Hoffman 



0:00 – 5:43 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Carl what biggest mistakes he regularly see’s with some program designs?

5:44 – 10:21 - Robbie asks Carl about long-term programming for a client

10:22 – 18:57 - Robbie asks Carl to share with us his process of working with clients

18:58 – 27:10 - Robbie asks Carl about de-load weeks

27:11 – 31:31 - Robbie asks Carl about how he designs a weekly training cycle for his clients

31:32 – 35:16 - Robbie asks Carl about specificity, motor learning and variation 

35:17 – 36:30 - Robbie asks Carl about total body and upper/lower body splits 

36:31 – 49:23 - Robbie asks Carl about tempo and rest interval prescription in program design

49:24 – 52:40 - Robbie asks Carl about OPEX’s upcoming educational courses?

52:41 – 54:49 - Robbie asks Carl for his thoughts on the use of RPE

54:50 – 55:36 - Robbie wraps up the show!

#071 - Jeoff Drobot

#071 - Jeoff Drobot

September 2, 2019

Jeoff is one of the founders and medical directors of the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM), and is happy to bring his medical expertise and compassionate care to ACBM.

Jeoff graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Exercise Physiology.  He then pursed his doctorate degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has been blessed to have gained an international presence with clinics in both Canada and the United States and he is sought out regularly by organizations and elite athletes for my medical expertise.  His supplement line, PeakBio (www.peakbiology.com), is being utilized by the best coaches and practitioners in the fields of health and fitness.

Jeoff prides himself on being a leading authority in the fields of European Biological Medicine, chronic and autoimmune disease treatments, detoxification, hormonal imbalance correction and customized sports medicine and nutrition programs. His love of medicine has evolved into a vast clinical focus treating men, women and children from the youngest to the oldest.  His passion for learning has regularly led me to travel the world attending seminars, educating others and spending time with the most talented people in medicine.

Show Notes:

Website: thebiomedcenter.com

Facebook: The BioMed Center - Scottsdale

Twitter:  @thebiomedcenter

Instagram: drdrobot

YouTube: American Center for Biological Medicine

Books Mentioned:

The Science and Practice of Science Training

Podcasts Mentioned:

ATSW - Episode 203: Leanne Venier - Light therapy, overcoming adversity, and how to attain flow states


People and Resources mentioned:


University of Calgary

Leanne Venier 

Vladimir Zatsiorsky 

Peter Attia

James Fitzgerald

Satchin Panda

Zach Bush



0:00 – 6:34 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Jeoff to introduce with him?

6:35 – 10:03 - Robbie asks Jeoff what is Biological Medicine?

10:04 – 14:50 - Robbie asks Jeoff about strategies to optimize human performance

14:51 – 18:04 - Robbie asks Jeoff about his assessment process

18:05 – 22:21 - Robbie asks Jeoff about micronutrient and food sensitivity testing

22:22 – 25:28 - Robbie asks Jeoff about mastering basic lifestyle guidelines before running any lab tests

25:29 – 36:02 - Robbie asks Jeoff for his thought on nutrition

36:03 – 50:39 - Robbie asks Jeoff about meal timing as a circadian regulator 

50:40 – 57:18 - Robbie asks Jeoff about the microbiome 

57:19 – 1:02:26 - Robbie asks Jeoff when it is best to take a probiotic. In a fed or fasted state?

1:02:27 – 1:05:40 - Robbie asks Jeoff if the lack of variation within the modern human’s lifestyle is leading to decreases in adaptability, and thus disease?

1:05:41 – 1:06:14 - Robbie asks Jeoff where people can find out more about him and his services?

1:06:15 – 1:07:24 - Robbie wraps up the show!

#070 - Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and MI40 Creator

#070 - Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and MI40 Creator

August 23, 2019

Ben Pakulski is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder and winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition. In 2012 he finished 11th in his first Mr. Olympia contest and in 2013 he placed 2nd in the Arnold Classic.

With a degree in Kinesiology, Ben’s approach to bodybuilding has always been intelligent and healthy. It’s this approach that he teaches to bodybuilders and coaches both on-line, in-person and on his podcast, Muscle Intelligence. 

Carl Hardwick, CCP Coach and OPEX’s COO caught up with Ben to discuss his accent to the Olympia, and his training methodologies, including the importance of mindset.





0.00-0.45: Carl introduces Ben

00.45-12.00: Ben recounts his background, including his beginnings in bodybuilding

12.00-18.30: Ben discusses his coaches and mentors

18.30-22.30: Carl and Ben share views on health and longevity

22.30-26.12: Ben comments on how to coach for health and longevity

26.12-34.38: Carl and Ben discuss the state of the fitness industry and its future

24.38-35.51: Carl and Ben discuss fitness and technology

35.51-37.50: Carl describes OPEX’s model of Personalized Fitness

37.50-41.45: Ben shares his approach to coaching

41.45-50.53: Ben shares his approach to nutrition

50.53-57.12: Carl and Ben discuss fitness education

57.12-1.06.56:  Ben shares where he finds himself now, including his Muscle Intelligence Podcast, which will soon feature OPEX Founder, James FitzGerald

1.06.56-1.08.00: Ben discusses his Miami gym, MI40

1.08.00-1.09.00: Carl signs off the OPEX Podcast

#069 - Dan Jon: The Aging Athlete

#069 - Dan Jon: The Aging Athlete

August 16, 2019

Dan John has spent his life with one foot in the world of lifting and throwing, and the other foot in academia. An All-American discus thrower, Dan has also competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, Highland Games and the Weight Pentathlon, an event in which he holds the American record.

Dan spends his work life blending weekly workshops and lectures with full-time writing, and is also an online religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri. As a Fulbright Scholar, he toured the Middle East exploring the foundations of religious education systems. Dan is also a Senior Lecturer for St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London.

His books, on weightlifting, include Intervention, Never Let Go, Mass Made Simple and Easy Strength, written with Pavel Tsatsouline as well as From Dad, To Grad. He and Josh Hillis co-authored “Fat Loss Happens on Monday.”

In 2015, Dan wrote Can You Go? on his approach to assessments and basic training. In addition, Before We Go, another compilation akin to Never Let Go became an Amazon Bestseller.

In early 2017, Dan’s book, Now what?, his approach to Performance and dealing with “life,” became a Bestseller on Amazon. Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge became available in September 2017, too.


Show Notes:

Website: danjohn.net 

Facebook: Daniel John

Instagram: coachdanjohn

Books Mentioned:

40 Year’s with a Whistle

Science and Practice of Strength Training

A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting

Physiology Of Strength

Progressive Resistance Exercise

Made to Stick


Make it Stick

Never Let Go

Relax into Stretch

People and Resources mentioned:

St. Mary’s University

Mike Boyle

Valter Longo

Pat Davidson

Robb Wolf

Tony Robbins

Bill Hartman

James Fitzgerald 

Charlie Francis

Dick Notmeyer

Greg Rutherford

Dan Pfaff

Lyle McDonald 



Satchin Panda

Tim Anderson

Andreo Spina

Gray Cook

Pavel Tsatsouline


0:00 – 1:56 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Dan what’s new with him?

1:57 – 20:05 Robbie asks Dan to share his thoughts on training the aging athlete

20:06 – 39:09 - Robbie asks Dan about training intensity, volume and recovery with the aging athlete

39:10 – 44:58 - Robbie asks Dan about nutrition for the aging athletes

44:59 – 1:07:34 - Robbie asks Dan about his standard macronutrient breakdown of his meals

1:07:35 – 1:15:02 - Robbie asks Dan about mobility and the aging athlete

1:15:03 – 1:18:55 - Robbie asks Dan about stress management for the aging athlete

1:18:56 – 1:19:37 - Robbie wraps up the show!

#068 - Ciaran Fairman on Exercise Oncology

#068 - Ciaran Fairman on Exercise Oncology

August 9, 2019

Ciaran is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Exercise Medicine Research Institute (EMRI) situated within the School of Medical and Health Science (SMHS) at Edith Cowan University. Having received his PhD from Ohio State University, his research focuses on the impact of exercise, nutrition and supplementation in the management of muscle loss in individuals with cancer. He also holds several nationally accredited certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine (CPT, HFS, CET) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) Ciaran is also strong advocate of the dissemination of scientific research to a variety of audiences. He is the founder, CEO, and chief exercise physiologist at REACH (Research in Exercise and Cancer Health), a company designed to provide evidence-based guidelines of physical activity to health/medical professionals and individuals with cancer. Ciaran has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers, book chapter, and abstracts on sports nutrition, supplementation, and training adaptations.

Show Notes:

Website: reachbeyondcancer.com

Facebook: Ciaran Fairman

Twitter: @CiaranFairman

Instagram: ciaranfairman

Podcasts Mentioned:

Sigma Nutrition Radio #199: Ciaran Fairman – Exercise-Oncology: Effects of Exercise in Cancer Treatment & Survivorship

Sigma Nutrition Radio #289 Ciaran Fairman, PhD – Exercise Interventions in Cancer Treatment

Reach Beyond Cancer Podcast

Mind Muscle Project Podcast: Ep 241 - Exercise addiction, muscle soreness myths, Cryotherapy and breathing science with Dr Andy Galpin

Books Mentioned:

Ciaran’s book Recommendations:

Lost Connections


Research Mentioned:

Framework PEACE: An organizational model for examining physical exercise across the cancer experience

Effects of Aerobic and Resistance Exercise in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant Chemotherapy: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial

Effects of strength training on muscle cellular outcomes in prostate cancer patients on androgen deprivation therapy

A Scientific Rationale to Improve Resistance Training Prescription in Exercise Oncology

The Exercise and Sports Science Australia position statement: Exercise medicine in cancer management

People and Resources mentioned:

Kentucky Wesleyan University

Jason Crandall

Georgia Southern 

Ohio State University

Edith Cowen University

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Rocky Mountain Cancer Center

University of Northern Colorado

Brian Focht

Kerry S. Courneya

Cancer Cachexia

Mike Zourdus

Eric Helms

Greg Haff

Steven Pinker

Steven Gerrard

Lewis Capaldi

Bruce Gladden


0:00 – 11:32 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Ciaran to introduce himself

11:33 – 17:14 - Robbie asks Ciaran what does the current research into exercise oncology tell us and what questions are currently being researched? 

17:15 – 24:17 - Robbie asks Ciaran about nutritional strategies to fuel the benefits of resistance training for the cancer patient

24:18 – 31:40 - Robbie asks Ciaran how different exercise modes effect different cancers 

31:41 – 32:45 - Robbie asks Ciaran what is cardio toxicity?

32:46 – 36:52 - Robbie asks Ciaran how his work has been received by the medical profession

36:53 – 45:04 - Robbie asks Ciaran about training intensity with cancer patients

45:05 – 48:30 - Robbie asks Ciaran about the use of cluster training with some cancer patients

48:31 – 51:42 - Robbie asks Ciaran for his ideal model for cancer care

51:43 – 53:48 - Robbie asks Ciaran about exercise contradictions with cancer patients

53:49 – 55:56 - Robbie asks Ciaran for the biggest lessons his has learned in his life

55:57 – 56:46 - Robbie asks Ciaran how he learns?

56:47 – 58:06- Robbie asks Ciaran, if there is anything he does on a daily basis that is essential to his day?

58:07 – 1:00:22 - Robbie asks Ciaran for his top and current book recommendations

1:00:23 – 1:09:04 - Robbie asks Ciaran to share his professional journey within research and what advice he would give to individuals wanting to get into research as a career

1:09:05 – 1:11:57 - Robbie asks Ciaran, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite why?

1:11:58 – 1:13:00 - Robbie wraps up the show! 

#067 - Keegan Martin & Kevin Don on Programming: Strength Course

#067 - Keegan Martin & Kevin Don on Programming: Strength Course

August 2, 2019

Bio – Kevin Don:

Kevin Don is a world class strength and conditioning coach who specializes in helping CrossFitters; from complete beginners to Games athletes maximise their athletic potential via Strength Bias.

Beginning with rigorous coaches development under the tutelage of Pat Barber & Jason Khalipa at the renowned NorCal CrossFit, he progressed to running his own affiliate in Hong Kong (ranked as one of the Top 10 boxes globally). Not satisfied with what he perceived as lack of in depth coaching knowledge within the sport, he sought out training with industry experts such as Ed Coan, Derek Poundstone & Mark Bell within Strength to Dan Bailey & Kenneth Leverich within CrossFit. Now he brings all of his accumulated knowledge to his "Strength is Never a Weakness" seminars, which have been held in over 220 CrossFit facilities across the globe.

Bio – Keegan Martin

Director of Product Development & Education of The Brand X Method

Delivered over 250 live seminars

USA Powerlifting California state record holder

Former National record holder in the back squat

Current 1 RM lift stats (lbs) –

Squat 630 | Bench 405 | Deadlift 640

Coached dozens of kids to competitive powerlifting, state, and national records

Show Notes:

Website: Programming Strength – Course

Website: strengthbiastraining.com

Facebook: Kevin Don

Facebook: Keegan Martin

Instagram: kevinnndon

Instagram: tbxm_keegan_martin

People and Resources mentioned:

Programming Strength – Course

CCP Level 1

James Fitzgerald 

Mark Rippetoe

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

Mike Boyle

Tom Purvis

Resistance Training Specialist

Ben Pakulski

Starting Strength

Wolfs Law

Louie Simmons

Dan Cleather 



0:00 – 1:42 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks the guys to introduce themselves

1:43 – 8:10 - Robbie asks the guys why they decided to develop the Programming Strength course?

8:01 – 10:46 - Robbie asks the guys what people can expect within this course?

10:47 – 15:39 - Robbie asks the guys why motor control training would be a priority for a beginner and a grand master athlete?

15:40 – 16:48 - Robbie asks the guys what exercises are covered within the course?

16:49 – 22:45 - Robbie asks the guys about the live Programming Strength courses that they will be running in the future?

22:46 – 26:15 - Robbie asks the guys about common misconceptions around the big lifts

26:16 – 27:19 - Robbie asks the guys if they have come across the work of Tom Purvis from Resistance Training Specialist?

27:20 – 29:24 - Robbie asks the guys where people can find out more information about Programming Strength and about them also?

#066 - Zach Even - Esh Founder of The Underground Strength Gym

#066 - Zach Even - Esh Founder of The Underground Strength Gym

July 26, 2019

Zach Even - Esh is the Founder of The Underground Strength Gym and Creator of The Underground Strength & Sports Performance Cert. Zach serves as a consultant for Spec Ops Military, D1 Coaches & Universities and Athletes Seeking elite performance. For more information on Zach visit https://ZachEven-Esh.com and https://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com 

Show Notes:

Website: Zachevenesh.com

Website: Undergroundstrengthcoach.com 

Facebook: Zach Even Esh

Twitter: @ZEvenEsh

Instagram: Zach Even - Esh

Books Mentioned:

Man’s Search for Meaning

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Turning Pro


Zach’s Book Recommendation(s):

The Eagle and the Dragon: A Story of Strength and Reinvention

Turning Pro

Rants of a Strength & Conditioning MadMan

The System: Soviet Periodization Adapted for the American Strength Coach

Shoe dog

Movie’s/ Video’s Mentioned:

Rocky 4

A Beautiful Mind

Every second counts

Rambo – First Blood

Podcasts Mentioned:

ATSW: Episode 191: Mike Guadango - Coaching, business, learning, and life lessons

Mind Musce Project Podcast 245: Zach Even-esh - Uncomfortable Truths from an Unconventional Life & Why Convenience is Killing Fitness, The Underground Strength Coach

OPEX Podcast #063 - Ryan Banta T&F Coach & Author The Sprinters Compendium

Strong Life Podcast - 182 | Legendary Strength Coach, Johnny Parker

People and Resources mentioned:

James Smith

Jeremy Frisch

Mike Guadango

Dave Splitz

Bill Hartman

Mike Robertson

Rett Larson

Tiger Woods

Ethan Reeve

Rocky Balboa

Ivan Drago

Jeff Martin

Mikki Martin

Keegan Martin

Mike Srock

Stuart McGill

Bill Knowles

Victor Frankl

Stephen Covey 

Steven Pressfield

Ryan Banta

Dan Pfaff

Gary Vaynerchuk

James Fitzgerald

Parisi Speed School

Scott Cochran


Stu McMillan

Buddy Morris

Eric Cressey

Pete Dupuis 



0:00 – 54:37 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Zach to share his thoughts on LTAD

54:38 – 1:14:17 - Robbie asks Zach about solutions to promote LTAD?

1:14:18 – 1:25:49 - Robbie asks Zach about how he utilizes physical training to develop the whole person

1:25:50 – 1:28:11 - Robbie asks Zach what are the biggest changes he has seen in the youth athletes that he trains today compared to the youth athletes he has trained in the past?

1:28:12 – 1:49:12 - Robbie asks Zach about his training system at the underground strength coach facility

1:49:13 – 1:57:19 - Robbie and Zach discuss the importance of keeping the training process fun

1:57:20 – 2:22:13 - Robbie asks Zach for his thoughts on the coaching profession at the private, collegiate, and professional level

2:22:14 – 2:25:14 - Robbie asks Zach about how he finds the balance between providing for his kids without making them entitled?

2:25:15 – 2:29:28 - Robbie asks Zach for his top and current book recommendations

2:29:29 - 2:29:42 - Robbie wraps up the show!

#065 - Daniel Davey Head of Sports Performance Nutrition w/ Leinster Rugby, CEO of Foodflicker

#065 - Daniel Davey Head of Sports Performance Nutrition w/ Leinster Rugby, CEO of Foodflicker

July 19, 2019

Daniel is a performance nutritionist who works with elite GAA and professional Rugby teams as well as athletes in other sports including golf, hockey, athletics and cycling. He is also the founder of the online recipe and nutrition platform FoodFlicker. Daniel believes that enhancing elite athletes’ and recreational athletes understanding of appropriate nutrition practices is vitally important for long-term optimum health and performance. In order to achieve this, he believes in providing this information in an understandable, practical and enjoyable manner. The approach is based on translating the latest nutrition science into practical advice and recipes for people to achieve their health and performance goals using fresh and simple ingredients. 

Time is a valuable commodity in the modern world so his recipes, tips and tricks acknowledge and address that.Cooking is a skill that Daniel believes is a critical element to achieving health and performance goals, it is because of this that Daniel invests his energy on social media showing people how to prepare meals in a simple and enjoyable manner. 

Daniel received his BSc in Science from University College Dublin and holds an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol. Daniel is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S) with the NSCA, and has completed the national qualification in Exercise and Health Studies.

Daniel is a committed athlete himself and has played Gaelic football at intercounty level for Sligo and won an All-Ireland club football medal in 2016 with Ballyboden St’ Enda’s in Dublin. His own playing and training experience allows him to understand the practical implications of applying the science of sports nutrition to achieve peak physical condition and performance in sport.

Show Notes:
Website: foodflicker.com

Facebook: FoodFlicker

Twitter: @FoodFlicker

Books Mentioned:

Power of Habit

The Four Agreements

7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Daniel’s Book Recommendation(s):

Power of Habit

Above the line

Why we Sleep

12 lessons for life

Video’s Mentioned:

London Real - Neil deGrasse Tyson - Advice for Younger Self

Podcasts Mentioned:

OPEX Podcast: #45 Adee Cazayoux Co-Founder of Working Against Gravity

Mind Muscle Project: Ep 181 - Do you have to count your macros forever? with Adee Cazayoux from WAG

SNR #194: Daniel Davey – Applied Performance Nutrition for Team Field Sports


People and Resources mentioned:

Leinster Rugby

Dublin Senior Football Team

University College Dublin (UCD)

Brendan Egan

Martin Kennedy

Leo Cullen

Jim Gavin

Stuart Lanchaster

Ken Ford

Tommy Bowe

The Tour de France

Graeme Close

James Morton

Adee Cazayoux

Danny Lennon

Eric Helms

Johnny Sexton

Brian O’Driscoll

Andy Galpin

Roy Keane

Garth Brooks

Barack Obama

Ben House



0:00 – 1:56 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Daniel to introduce himself

1:57 – 6:12 - Robbie asks Daniel who have been his biggest influences?

6:13 – 10:52 - Robbie asks Daniel why he became a performance nutritionist?

10:53 – 15:47 - Robbie asks Daniel about his role as a performance nutritionist with the Dublin senior footballers and with Lenister Rugby?

15:48 – 16:56 - Robbie asks Daniel about his nutrition philosophy?

16:57 – 21:41 - Robbie asks Daniel about his nutrition principles?

21:42 – 26:54 - Robbie asks Daniel about his strategies for increasing muscle mass and maintaining bodyweight with his athletes

26:55 – 30:03 - Robbie asks Daniel about carb loading strategies

30:04 – 34:14 - Robbie asks Daniel about nutritional periodization, high-low carbohydrate loading, and mitochondrial biogenesis

34:15 – 46:40 - Robbie asks Daniel about adherence to a nutrition program

46:41 – 57:45 - Robbie asks Daniel about meal hygiene

57:46 – 1:01:59 - Robbie asks Daniel about supplementation

1:02:00 – 1:03:48 - Robbie asks Daniel about nutritional interventions for concussion

1:03:49 – 1:10:53 - Robbie asks Daniel about the biggest lessons he has learn so far in his life and career?

1:10:54 – 1:16:53 - Robbie asks Daniel how he learns?

1:16:54 – 1:25:06 - Robbie asks Daniel is there anything he does daily that is essential to his day?

1:25:07 - 1:27:43 - Robbie asks Daniel for his top and current book recommendations

1:27:44 – 1:31:25 - Robbie asks Daniel, if he only had 1 year left on planet earth, how would he spend that year and why?

1:31:26 – 1:33:41 - Robbie asks Daniel, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:33:42 – 1:36:08 - Robbie asks Daniel where people can find out more about him?

1:36:09 - 1:36:24 - Robbie wraps up the show!